Great Halls of Fire

Flaming toaster causes fire engines to be called to Leodis during accommodation open day

A fire broke out in Leodis over the weekend causing a partial evacuation.

This came at an unfortunate time, considering that prospective students were looking around the halls at that present moment.

If any potential residents had any concerns about the fire alarm system at the halls, these would have been doused as alarms rang out around 1pm.

Leodis resident Anika told The Tab “It happened in the top floor of E block because a toaster caught fire.”

A fleet of fire engines swiftly arrived at the accommodation and the situation was controlled.

The Tab can reveal that so far no-one has been reported as seriously injured, though it is believed that at least a couple of slices of Hovis have been burned beyond repair.

At least some were able to take positives from the situation: