SLOGAN-TASTIC! Say hello to the new designer spoof trend.

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crosspost-photo5.jpgNew trends come and go as fast as you can say ‘hello sunshine’, but one that has caught the eyes of fashionistas across the globe, and even that of eyebrow-tastic model Cara Delevigne, is the slogan tee.

Walking through campus, you don’t go a day without seeing GEEK emblazoned across many a chest, but the slogan tee has become way more than that. Say goodbye to the GEEK and LOSER self deprecation, and say hello to the designer spoof trend.

Clever puns on iconic labels have been flying off the shelves from the Commes Des F***down beanies and BALLIN sweatshirts, new label SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC has got you covered. A whole range of witty slogans on full array of unisex attire, all at student friendly prices, what more could you ask for?!

Get yourselves over to SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC to get a piece of the action.


Chanel Drip

KarlVogueCelineSupercalafashionisticCelineClothes: SUPERCALAFASHIONISTIC

Photographer: Emily Buswell

Model: Georgia Benjamin