Naked Calendars Saved

Union forum makes the tough decision to allow naked calendars.

Many of you went to bed last night troubled with the fear of losing that student production that we all hold close to our hearts – the Naked Calendar.

However, The Tab is happy to report to you that your faith in the democratic process, and perhaps even your Union, can be restored.

The motion was shot down by 75% of voters in the Better Union Forum, meaning Leeds’ beloved naked calendars are safe.

Several societies came under fire from union execs for their decision to raise money via naked calendars, despite them being a great source of funding for such societies.

As always, Tab commenters provided succinct insight into the issue, with the Nudist Society apparently expressing their thoughts on the issue.

It’s not like people would lie about who they are on the internet, is it?

Ever the neutral partisans, The Tab can only be happy that this issue has been resolved with an amicable, democratic solution.

So you can look forward to the second installment of this kind of article next year.