Boffins Shun Leeds

Leeds falls out of the top 100 in global reputation rankings

Leeds students may be the best looking in the country, but we haven’t been as successful on academic league tables.

We have been dropped from the world top 100 universities, according to the Times Higher Education magazine’s 2013 rankings.

Leeds is one of three UK unis to be pushed out of the world elite since 2011.

Harvard topped the list, with Cambridge and Oxford coming in at third and fourth place respectively.

The experts blame the UK government for shortchanging their students. Director of the Russell Group, Wendy Piatt saying, “We are concerned that our global competitors in the US, East Asia and Europe are pumping billions into higher education, and as these results show money really matters.”

Other UK universities such as Manchester and Edinburgh all made ground in the table that is determined by leading academics.

Still, Met didn’t even get a look in.