Interview and Preview: A Servant to Two Masters

We interviewed “Three slighty clueless first years trying to make a play”


The plot is simple one servant, two masters. Truffaldino (the servant) must juggle his career between the two but not letting on that he’s a secret multi-tasker with a bit on the side. He runs around Florence trying to achieve this but too many times is close to being uncovered- worsened by his occassional stutter.

The Tab: How are you finding directing your first TG play?

Lucy: Fun… but stressful.

Sammy: It’s our life now!

Ben: I was yelled at for doing the washing up!

Sammy: We feel like we’re married somehow… Ben bought me cheese because he thought I was working too hard!  We were arguing over different shades of blue for the posters, so I called my flatmate & she was like: “Guys, it’s not that important”.  I was horrified!

Ben: It didn’t help that the first person we went to was colour blind & didn’t tell us!

The Tab: Are the characters played exactly as you imagined them?

Sammy: There were definitely plenty of surprises.

Lucy: In the auditions we were open to different interpretations.

Ben: All the cast feel like they can do their own thing, it’s great! They play what’s in their heads, not what we tell them to.

Sammy: We’ve done workshops where we explore the characters. That’s really helped with their interpretations. It brings authenticity to their performances.

The Tab: Do you feel added pressure with the play being on the Theatre Studies A level syllabus?

Lucy: Sammy & I both studied it which we feel has aided our production. The main pressure came from One Man Two Guvnors, so we’ve tried to keep as true to the script as possible, rather than trying to do something that’s already been done.

The Tab: Do you feel as if people respect you for being first years?

Sammy: They didn’t even realise how old we were until a few weeks in! It hasn’t made any difference at all though.

Ben: We think we’ve proved that we’re competent!

The Tab: Have your original ideas/visions changed?

Ben: We’ve stayed true to our original vision.

Sammy: We had a basic concept that we knew we wanted to stick to.

The Tab: Anything else?

Sammy: It’s definitely worth coming to!

Ben: It has a bar… !

Sammy: Get drunk & see a play!

Sounds like a plan!


A Servant to Two Masters plays at 7 Arts, 12th 13th & 14th March at 7.30. Tickets: £8/£6.50

For more information check out their online blog here!