Blue Rinse show us how to do 90s throwback

How to achieve retro looks without looking like Kenan and Kel


Certain trends come and go without much notice, but others are so obvious that they manifest into almost every aspect of popular culture.

A case in point: In the past year, Destiny’s Child released a new album, Daria is back on our screens, and the Spice Girls performed at the Olympic closing ceremony.

The 90’s are back, and in a big way.

Of course, here at the fashion section, we are more concerned about what this means for our wardrobes. They say that you are never more than six feet away from a spider. Well, the same can be said for scrunchies, backpacks, crop tops and vintage sportswear on campus. We saw this revival as the perfect excuse to put our own spin on the trend. With a little help from Blue Rinse, we put together fun, wearable looks that incorporate the best trends of the 90’s without taking it too far- think TLC and Cher from Clueless going for a drink at the Brudenell Social Club. Totally Rad! ☯

All clothes Blue Rinse. Shoes and accessories – stylist’s own.
Styling, words, concept: Kaitlyn Bullen
Photography: Jessie Leong
Models: Laura Ware and Lucy Webster