Lupton Drugs Raid

Police called to halls of residence after anonymous tip-off


Two students have been arrested for possession of class A drugs after Lupton hall was raided on Sunday evening.

Police received a tip-off of suspected drug taking in the university accommodation.

Upon searching, a small amount of Ecstasy and Cannabis was recovered from the scene.

Two female students – both 19 and in their first year – were arrested for possession of a class A drug.

Both were released and given an adult caution.

One Lupton resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, seemed unconcerned by the raid.

Speaking to The Tab, he said: “We can do what we want here. Even if a Class A gets knocked about and you get caught by security, you’re back at lectures the next day.”

Another added that it was surprising for the police to be called, saying: “If we get caught smoking weed all that happens is that we get a slap on the wrist and a fine.”

“I know someone that was caught 3 times, nothing happens here.”

The University is yet to comment on the situation.