LEEDS: Do The Harlem Shake

Everyone’s at it. Now the Tab brings you Leeds Uni’s best Harlem Shakes


The Harlem Shake has quickly become the viral sensation of the moment. Here’s The Tab’s pick of the best Leeds viral videos to brighten up your day:

First things first, here are videos from Maya Domb and Jack Bell who are both running for LUU’s next activities officer. May the best pelvic thrust win.

Maya Domb

Jack Bell (or Bells)

Not to be outdone, Women’s Hockey bring you their Harlem Shake performed in all their favourite Wednesday night haunts:

Here’s Sticky Feet’s crack at the shake from Taking Liberties on Friday:

And Snowriders show us how it’s done at their Snowball over the weekend:

Even Leeds Met have got in on the action…


… Needs work.

And lastly here are some penguins. Because fuck it- who doesn’t love penguins?


Any that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.