Students Cause a Stink at Careers Fair

Student activists stink bomb BAE stand at careers fair

Students unleashed a nasal assault of stink bombs in the Parkinson building to interrupt the annual careers fair.

The prank targeted the BAE recruitment stall to protest against their worldwide distribution of weaponry.

Leeds does their best to make BAE feel welcome.

Sally Taylor, a 2nd year English student said: ‘We stink-bombed BAE for three reasons: to highlight their stench-ridden deals with repressive regimes; to emphasise the collateral damage of real bombs to unintended victims; and to get BAE Systems kicked off campus once and for all.’

Unfortunately their rally also inflicted the stench upon some of the much less controversial stalls nearby. George Renoire, a third year physicist defended their collateral damage:

‘This was nothing compared to the so-called unintentional damage caused by BAE’s military bombs in conflict zones around the world.’