BNOC Of The Year: Group One

We received your nominations by the bucket load and here’s the first five candidates for BNOC of the Year.


Update: voting has now closed, with James Munro taking 40% of the popular vote and moving into the final round.

After more nominations than expected, we’ve opened the running to 20 candidates, but there’s still four heats. For those mathematicians out there that means there’ll be five in each group instead of the promised four.

Here are your first five names. You can vote at the bottom and the winner will go through to the final five and that ever-bit closer to getting their hands on that glorious trophy.

James Munro

This bagpipe blowing Scotsman is said to have let many a lady have a fumble under his kilt. Not only is James club secretary of Leeds Uni Rugby Union, he also played against Met during their crushing defeat at the hands of Uni and also plays for the Doncaster Knights. James may well deserve his self-given title as “Yorkshire’s Most Eligible Bachelor”, but can this lothario bring home the finest accolade of being Leeds’ inaugural BNOC?


Rosie Adkins

A social sec of Leeds Uni Women’s Hockey, Adkins (or Ro-Job as LUUWC affectionately call her) is known throughout the club for hitting the pitch hard and the bars harder. Found every Wednesday at Walkabout, this Harry Potter fanatic is famous for her huge catalogue of fancy dress ranging from a caterpillar to an HB pencil. Never one to be drunk under the table, she’s an even match for anyone who takes her on – and apparently she takes MarioKart quite seriously too.


Christopher Rowley

The Kim Kardashian of Leeds Uni, Rowley too has found fame from explicit images being leaked onto the web with his “unique” vision of a Sunday Roast going viral and gaining over 1,000 likes alone. When he’s not mid-photo shoot, you can find Rowley roaming outside Tequila on Thursdays or on the LSR airwaves hosting his show bleary-eyed on Friday’s at 11am. A creative visionary leaving Leeds College of Art shaking in their boots, has this aspiring Picasso done enough to deserve the title of Leeds Uni’s first BNOC?

Joe Janney

If the simple fact that the picture we’ve used for Joe is him on Sunday Politics isn’t enough for you then we don’t know what more to say. Not only did his name spread nationally after his vigilante efforts to keep Hyde Park safe at night, Joe also finds time to play for Hyde Park RFC, and if you still haven’t much of a clue as to who he is, just ask any girl who was in Charles Morris 2010/11.

John Wayte

Now even if John were to win BNOC of the Year, The Tab feels that even this wouldn’t be enough of a reward. John’s the man responsible for all those naked Snowriders pics that you’ve enjoyed over the past month. Not only this, but John was also president of the now extinct Bodington Hall and is rumoured to have asked over half the girls in Leeds on a date.

For the next five nominees for BNOC of the Year, visit The Tab next Monday.