BNOC of the Year: Nominations

Submit your nominations for Leeds’s first BNOC of the year competition

The Tab is seeking once and for all the answer to a question we’ve been asking ourselves for months: just who is the Biggest Name on Campus?

Whether they put on your favourite club night, run your sports social or merely seem to be omnipresent whenever you’re on campus, we want you to nominate them!

What makes a BNOC?

Our editorial team have been mulling over what makes a BNOC beyond the mere acronym, and we’ve arrived at the following three criteria:

GROSS POPULARITY – a fellow member of the university community that both you and almost everyone else you know are familiar with. Also applies if you pass them on campus, recognise them without knowing where from…and then realising it’s because you’ve Facebook stalked them.

FUNCTIONALITY – a fellow member of the university community who you do not know whose name you hear referred to solely in relation to their function or purpose within said community e.g “oh yeah, you know Mr X, he runs that night Y at club Z”.

INEFFABLE UBIQUITY – a fellow member of the university community whose name you hear all the time without comprehending their function or purpose within said community.

If any names immediately jumped out at you whilst reading the above, let us know! Send us a paragraph of three to four lines nominating your BNOC of the Year.

Nominations will close at 9pm on Sunday 27th January, and the top 16 will then face off in heats of 4, with the winners of each heat going to the final round.

Yes, it’s a shameless popularity contest. Welcome to university.

Nominate by emailing [email protected], or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.