Procrastinate Like a Champ

Streamline your procrastination with our pick of leeds-based novelty accounts.

It’s that time of year again, the fear is setting in as the exam season begins. We all have our own ways of dealing with the stress that revision brings. Most of us jostle for a plug socket in the Edward Boyle and accept our fate, but as the evidence below suggests all was too much to bear for one James Ballie resident. The Tab can confirm the sound mental health of the student in question.

Only joking – he’s bat shit crazy.

For those that are taking the conventional route through the exam period – balancing your time precariously between work and procrastination, we thought we’d list the best uni-based social media accounts the internet has to offer.

Leeds Uni Confessions

The noticeable lull in activity over the christmas period sparked many a rumour about the force behind Leeds Uni Confessions. Some said they went to sell weapons to african warlords, others that they went mad with the power. All we know is they’re back and this time they’re naming and shaming. Handle with care.

EddyB Library Fitty Feed

Romping to over 1,000 likes in its first 24 hours, experts are touting this to become the next big thing. Posting anonymous updates regarding the location of ‘fitties’ in Edward Boyle (kinda self-explanatory..)  this one’s a true complement to your library experience.

and they say romance is dead..

Leeds Uni Gossip Girl

A strong contender alongside Leeds Uni Confessions for the ‘most reprehensible page’ award, it does what it says on the tin. They even seem to be in the habit of naming people. Though The Tab can’t verify the validity of (most) tweets, they do say there’s no smoke without fire…

Leeds Met Library

Yeah we know what you’re thinking: an account taking pop-shots at Met – that’s never been done before. So many have tried and so many have missed the mark. Leeds Met Library, however, succeeds where so many have failed. Definitely worth a follow.

Spotted: The Edge

Similar to its library-based cousin on Facebook. Spotted: The Edge is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve been making exam-related excuses for sacking off the gym, Spotted: The Edge is your reason to get back on it.

N.B. Due to their services to University life, All owners/creators of the aforementioned pages are entitled to complimentary Tab T-Shirts. Get in touch (even especially you, chicken-wire man)