Union slams Horse Riders’ naked calendar charity fundraiser.

Once again Union officers show how out-of-touch they are with students by slamming their own Equestrian society’s charity calendar.

15 students bared all in the name of fun and charity, posing alongside horses and in stables for a calendar that’s proving to be a storming success.

Fine fillies

Yet Union Exec Officer Katie Siddal, who’s paid £16,000 a year to represent the views of students, has seen this as a chance to take a dig at students showing some initiative.

Claiming that it objectifies the models who willingly posed for the calendar, Siddal said: “This will mean that their work in the community can continue and more publicity will be raised for the RDA.

“I do, however, think that there are other methods that can be employed to raise awareness and funds without taking off clothing.

“This is because some of the images taken could be seen to be objectifying the women involved.”


The Tab questions the effectiveness of these ‘other measures’, given Union’s idea of Christmas entertainment is to show 1930s classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” on four separate occasions. Just in case three wasn’t enough.

Enough to set the pulse racing

However, Club Captain Charlie Wright defended her members and their calendar. She said: “It has been a really effective way of raising money and there are lots of other societies that do exactly the same thing – it’s just that we do it better.”

Last year’s calendar raised over £2,000 for Otley and District Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), and this year’s, which can be purchased for £10, is expected to exceed that.