Preview and interview: The 99%

Not just a normal play…

This is a production to remind us all of the world as it is today– Arab Spring, Occupy Movement, the 1%, London Riots, student protests etc- all the conflict that creates the 21st century as we know it.
But not in an annoying political and monotonous way, but through music, song and multimedia performance. It is about us, we are the 99%, who hold 40% of the power and wealth.
We spoke to cast member Megan Greeves to find out what we should be expecting:

The Tab: How did the opening night go!?

Megan: Really well, the audience was great and everything ran pretty smoothly!

The Tab: Can you tell us a bit about the play, what should we expect from it?

Megan: There is a lot of information in the show, but hopefully you can come away from it having found out something new. It’s a show about what is going on in the world right now, what happens when ‘I’ becomes ‘we’? You can expect to see some dancing, story telling, bits of verbatim, lots of music, and we devised it all ourselves!!

The Tab: What’s your part?

Megan: No one really has one single role, it isnt that sort of play. Everyone has helped devise each scene, some of them are stylized and some naturalistic.

The Tab: Is it something we can all understand, or relate to?

Megan: Yes absolutely, its a show about what is happening in the world right now.Everyone will be able to relate in someway to the piece, we include the London Riots, the Occupy movement, Columbian riots, Greece…there is a lot to squeeze in in just an hour and a half!!

The Tab: If you could sum up the 99% in 3 words….

Megan: Informative, powerful and punchy!

The Tab: What other plays should we be aimnig to see over the next couple of weeks?

Megan: You should be looking out for ‘Into the Dark’ which is another third year performance project starting 5th December and then there are 2 more third year shows next term…everyone go and see them!!

The Tab: Do you have to be a drama student to get involved in the plays? Can we all audition?

Megan: The third year final performance project is for people studying theatre and performance, managing performance and performance design, we all collaborate together in groups to put on a show as one of our modules. So these particular shows are just for our school, yes. But there are loads of other plays people can audition for in different societies in uni!

The 99%‘ ends this Saturday (24th November) so buy tickets and go see it!