Review: Little Shop of Horrors

Before Saturday night, I had never seen anyone serenaded by a smooth-talking flesh-eating bloodthirsty plant. Now that I have, I think I’m a better person for it.

This is the LUU Musical Society Performance at the Riley Smith Hall.

Little Shop of Horrors is the story of Seymour, a young florist stuck in a dead-end job in the bad part of town. Hopelessly in love with his oblivious colleague Audrey, his life seems to be going nowhere and going there fast. That is, until one day, he finds a mysterious plant, the likes of which have never been seen before. Instantly bringing with it fame and fortune but demanding human blood in exchange, Seymour’s grapples with the ethical questions this brings make up the crux of the plot.

Described like that, it all sounds rather serious, and it completely ignores the fact that simply, Little Shop of Horrors was whole lot of fun.

The songs were suitably cheesy (not to mention incredibly well sung – there’s clear talent in the group),  the stage looked fantastic, with the dingy florist’s dominated a sprawling great plant puppet, and crucially, the cast seemed to be having an absolute ball up there. Credit as well must go to the backstage society, who did a stellar job with the lighting and sound – the Riley Smith becomes as good as any professional theatre under their guidance.

If I had to pick out one flaw, it would be that on occasion the live band was slightly loud, meaning that a few lyrics were drowned out. However, this is often the case with musicals, so is really nothing too major.

All in all, Little Shop of Horrors was a tremendous show, and it’s a shame this review is going out after the final performance – otherwise I would recommend that you all go and see it. But with that in mind, don’t miss what the Music Theatre Society has to offer next, keep up with the facebook group for more information…!