Lancaster students: It’s time to vote in heat two of BNOC 2024

The game is on, it’s time to vote in heat two of who you think is the biggest name on campus 2024

Forget all your hard work, forget all the blood, sweat and tears that got you here, this is the reason we all came to Lancs Uni. No not for your degree, but to be crowned BNOC. The prestige that comes with being BNOC is absolutely unbeatable, and it’s time to get voting in the second heat of BNOC 2024.

Adam Hughes, third year, County, English Language and creative writing (he/him)

Adam was nominated because he is the life and soul of the party and is a bit of a party animal. One of his most iconic moments was when he won a singing competition, dancing and singing to Proud Mary by Tina Turner, people have said: “he’s an icon on Spotify and irl.” When nominated Adam said: “I feel honoured to be nominated for BNOC once again – even if it’s for being the most drunk wherever I am! Thanks besties x.” To vote for Adam to be BNOC 2024, vote in the poll below.

Matthew Lamb, second year, Pendle, computer science

Matthew was nominated for BNOC because of his Lancaster University’s Student’s Union presidential campaign. When nominated Matthew commented: “It’s an honour to have been nominated and remember vote LAMB 4 LUSU 2025!” Want to vote for Matthew? Vote in the poll below.

Georges Quinn, second year, Cartmel, history and politics (he/him)

Georges was nominated for BNOC because everybody has seen this man and BNOC was stolen from him last year. One person even said: “He is such a big name you do not even need this. You already know ;)”. When nominated Georges said: “I would like to thank everyone for nominating me to BNOC and this year will be the year I gain that title!” If you want to vote for Georges, make sure to vote in the poll below.

Kyle Bailey, third year, Fylde, sports science (he/him)

Kyle was nominated for BNOC for having the biggest ‘bunda’ on campus. When nominated, Kyle said: “I’m not sure I do have ‘the best bunda on campus’ but thank you for the nomination, hopefully I can win something this year (not sour about Activities Officer 😳😂).” If you want to vote for Kyle, make sure to fill out the poll below.

Ellen Fogarty, first year, Londsdale, business management (she/her)

Ellen was nominated for BNOC because she knows everyone, and “anywhere she goes she’s chatting with someone, and if they don’t know her after, they will coz she makes a lasting impression from her amazing vibes”. When nominated Ellen said: “Honestly a little confused but this is also quite funny at the same time!” If you want to vote for Ellen, vote for her in the poll below.

Ab, third year, Cartmel, biomedicine (he/him)

Ab was nominated for BNOC because “everybody knows him”. When nominated Ab commented: “Might finally make my brown mum proud (i’m a med school reject).” If you want Ab to be the next BNOC vote for him in the poll below.

Oliver Dempsey, fourth year, Grizedale, geography (he/him)

Oliver was nominated for BNOC because he is the Grizedale FC president, with his nominator saying: “He is a night-out celebrity, he is kinda awkward but he’s hilarious”. When nominated Oliver said: “As flies to wanton boys we are for the gods, I’m honoured to be nominated. I love the Bobbin. I love the Hog. I love football, thank you.” If Oliver is your BNOC make sure to vote for him below.

Robert Mason, fourth year, Cartmel, ‘some kind of philosophy’ (he/him)

Robert was nominated for BNOC because he is the president of LUPSC and did a smashing job when organising pool for Roses and is a genuinely lovely bloke. Robert is also on the deanery of Cartmel College after moving from Bowland, and is a well known name to all of the Cartmel team. We were also told that one of his best moments was when he had a wee on a car while drunk on Robert Street! When nominated for BNOC Robert said: “I am grateful to be nominated for the award, just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of the incredible people I’ve met over the four years. Without them uni wouldn’t have been as brilliant!” If Robert if your BNOC make sure to vote for him in the poll below.

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