Here’s everything happening in your college this Halloween weekend

Looking to have a fangtastic Halloween weekend? We’ve got everything you need to know

Grab your trick-or-treat bags and crazy costumes, as Halloween weekend is crawling ever closer. It’s always a busy one in Lancaster, and this year is no different, with multiple events planned across campus for each college.

Some colleges have taken Halloween to the max this year and have been hosting events throughout the whole of this week, but here’s your complete guide to the remainder of college Halloween events this year.


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In traditional Halloween fashion, Bowland is once again hosting its annual Pumpkin Carving Competition for its residents. Bowland JCR is looking for creations that are outside the box – the spookier, the better – with the winners set to receive prizes. 

Residents could collect their pumpkins from the college manager at the end of the corridor of the porter’s lodge, with the final few contestant’s pumpkins to be judged by the JCR. Extra information is available at @bowlandcollege on Instagram. 


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Cartmel residents will also have the opportunity to test how good their pumpkin carving skills are this Halloween. Residents are encouraged to enter individually or collectively with their flatmates, with the chance to win a £30 voucher for Barker House Farm. 

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Pumpkins are available from Barker House, with residents asked to email pictures of their creations. Contestants are urged not to use flames or candles inside their pumpkins. Extra information is available on @cartmel_college on Instagram. 


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Fancy a creative Halloween night without the mess of pumpkin seeds? County College is hosting a Halloween Flower Pot Decorating Session inside their Common Room. Taking place on Monday, October 31st, from 2 pm – 4 pm, is the first Mindful Monday event of the new year, with students being encouraged to visit and relax between lectures. Any extra information is available @countycollege on Instagram. 


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Fancy a Halloween singalong a few days early? Furness is hosting Trevaoke on Friday, October 28th, from 7 pm – 11 pm inside their JCR Room and Trev bar. Although not compulsory, Halloween costumes are encouraged. Extra information is available @furnesscollege on Instagram. 


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Graduate College is also hosting a pumpkin carving session on Saturday, October 29th, at either 3 pm or 5 pm, inside their college social hub. Full details and booking opportunities are available @gradcollege on Instagram.


Grizedale College is hosting two fun-filled events to celebrate Halloween this year; a pumpkin carving competition & a Hog’s Halloweenevent. 

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Pumpkins have recently been handed out with recipe cards by the JCR to college residents, with entries to be brought back to Grizedale Bar on Halloween night during the weekly Grizzle Quizzle for judging. Prizes are available for the winners, and residents are encouraged to share their entries on social media.

Furthermore, everyone attending the Grizzle Quizzle will gain extra Block Wars points. More information is available @grizedalecollege on Instagram. 

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Grizedale Bar is hosting a Hog’s Halloween event from 6 pm – 11 pm on Saturday, October 29th. Halloween costumes are encouraged, with the best dressed receiving two free drinks at the bar before heading into town. 


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 Lonsdale is also hosting a pumpkin carving competition. Residents can submit their entries via DM on Instagram, with prizes for the top 3 best pumpkins. Results are TBA on Sunday, October 30th. 

Featured image courtesy of @grizedalecollege, @furnesscollege, and @gradcollege.

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