Watch out! Lancaster Council wants to stop you committing ‘dangerous manoeuvres’ at Aldi

The council aim to improve safety on roads surrounding popular student living areas

Lancaster City Council is aiming to improve road safety around the city, especially in popular student areas such as Morecambe Road Aldi, reports the Lancaster Guardian.

Its “initiative” would equip the council with the ability to stop drivers from committing “dangerous manoeuvres” around the one-way system by using automatic license plate recognition technology.

The aim is to reduce the number of accidents as well as reduce congestion, which many students are affected by when traveling to and from campus at rush-hour times.

The change hopes to take place across Lancashire, with the Morecambe Road area around Aldi being one of the first areas on the list. This would benefit many Lancaster students’ food shops at the Aldi very close to the junction.

A county spokesperson told the Lancaster Guardian: “We receive regular complaints about traffic turning right out of the junction, this requires vehicles to come into conflict with traffic that may be queuing to enter the junction on the right turn lane.

“The junction has been designed to encourage the left turn only and abuse increases the risk of accidents on this busy stretch of road.

“The junction has had three accidents in the last five years.”

Automatic license plate recognition technology would target offences such as making turns when instructed not to and driving the wrong way up one-way streets, which would have a great effect on Lancaster’s large one-way system.

If put in place, the “initiative” would benefit the road safety of residents and students who frequently travel through the city.

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