Here are the food hygiene ratings of Lancaster’s most iconic student spots

I’ll never stumble into the nearest takeaway again

Alright, here’s the deal. I’m very picky about where I eat. I think I’ve frequented the Food Standards Agency’s website a bit more than a normal person probably should. But can you blame me? It is literally a website that tells you how likely you are to get sick after eating at different establishments across town. What’s not to love about spending hours and hours trawling through the most obscure cafes in the Lake District just in case you end up there one Saturday afternoon?

But enough about my weird hobbies. The issue here is that the last thing you’re thinking about when you’ve been booted out of Sugar is the food hygiene rating of the nearest takeaway. So, we’ve compiled a list of Lancaster’s most popular food spots and their food hygiene ratings. Study this now so you don’t have to think too hard when you need a burger to soak up eighty quid’s worth of VKs on Wednesday night (or breakfast on Thursday morning.)

Sultans – 5/5

What would Lancaster do without Sultans? Nobody to say “hello, my friends”, nobody to serve you the best curly fries in the history of the world, and nobody to give you free water when you’re so drunk you think you can talk to the ducks. They’ve got top marks in terms of food and hygiene as well as in our hearts. Love you guys x

Wokiin – 4/5

Lancaster Uni’s favourite campus Chinese rates four out of five, which means you can keep getting your pick’n’mix noodle boxes without any worry. The only question left is how to actually spell its name: is it Wokiin? Wok Inn? Wok Iin? I guess we’ll never know.

Herbarium – 5/5

Lancaster’s first-ever all-vegan restaurant scores five out of five for hygiene, vibes, and breakfast burritos. This aesthetic spot near Dalton Square is always serving (good hygiene and good food).

McDonalds Cheapside 5/5

If you can bear queueing up after a night out and being told you can’t snack on your chips whilst you wait for your mate by security, you’ll be absolutely fine heading over to Lancaster’s Cheapside McDonald’s. Though you might be better off going somewhere else if Sugar’s just let out.

Greggs (all of them) – 5/5

Every Greggs in the country has a food hygiene rating of three or above, but you’ll be proud to know that every single Greggs in Lancaster (there are five) received five out of five in their recent inspections. Now I need a sausage roll.

Gallico – 5/5

Gallico Lounge is one of Lancaster’s newest foodie spots and is quickly becoming a firm favourite with oat latte girlies and halloumi connoisseurs alike. The Lancaster branch of the Loungers chain scores a solid five out of five in their food hygiene assessment, so you can go back to enjoying your eight quid cocktails in peace.

Water Witch – 5/5

The Water Witch is a Lancs classic and your best bet if you’re going to bring your gran to see your uni accommodation. Patrons of this classy pub can enjoy canal views, fancy food, and peace of mind knowing that the restaurant got the best rating for its hygiene practices.

Brew – 5/5

A Lancaster Tab favourite, Brew is another establishment to score five out of five. They deserve it, tbh. Have you ever tried those cinnamon rolls? Can we give them six out of five for the cinnamon rolls?

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