Breaking news! Bean the Duck has gone missing

The Lancs icon was last seen on the 1st of September

Everyone’s favourite icon, Bean the Duck, has gone missing, The famous duck, known for his adventures around Lancaster, has been missing for over a month. His social media account coined the hashtag “#FindBean” on October 2nd in the hopes that somebody may know his whereabouts.

They revealed that recent posts from the account were actually of a different duck known as Ben who is filling in for the role of Bean until he’s found. Anyone who may have seen Bean recently is urged to message his Instagram so that he can be returned home safely to his owners.

Bean, who’s known for snapping cute pictures of him exploring the campus city centre by himself or with friends like Merlin the Mole, was last photographed exploring Red Bank Farm and Helvellyn in the Lake District. He had spent the summer exploring scenic locations near Lancaster and was excited to return to campus in October for Freshers’ Week. However, he’d miss out on the festivities, as he hasn’t been seen since September 1st.

Returning students of Lancaster University will understand how popular Bean the Duck became. Starting out in 2020, Bean has been photographed attending Roses, hanging out with fellow ducks at Williamson Park, and studying at the library. The self-proclaimed “No.1 guide to Lancaster” started out as a fun way to show students around Lancaster and raise awareness of fun places and events to visit within Lancaster.

If you’ve seen Bean recently or may know where he could be, please message @bean_the_duck on Instagram with any information you have. #FindBean.

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