What your seat in the Lancs Uni library says about you

Do you sit in the window seat to see or be seen?

The library. Arguably the heart of campus and a regular destination for students to work, or give off the illusion that they are doing so (looking at TikTok for two hours with your laptop open counts as productivity right?). When coming to the library there are some pretty big decisions to be made. What to wear, what snacks to bring, but arguably the most important – what seat to sit in? Maybe you’re someone who loves to sit in the window seat for a bit of people watching or perhaps you prefer the reading room for complete silence and concentration.

Everyone has their preferred space in the library when doing work and this definitely says something about you, so carry on reading to find what your favourite seat in the library means for you (just pretend the library isn’t packed 24/7 and you can actually sit anywhere – I know that’s hard).

Green work station

Maybe you choose these seats because you’ll actually get some work done or maybe its because they seem to be the only ones available when the library is packed (don’t you just love having to awkwardly sit between two strangers and loudly unpack your things when its silent), but if this is your go to library seat then you’re independent and focused and you’ll actually spend the entire duration of your time in the library working – well, maybe more like 70 per cent but hey that’s something!

The influencer wall

Why the university decided to add an influencer style flower wall is beyond me, I guess for the vibes?  With that being said, if this is your go to destination in the library then you love a good aesthetic and your outfit for the library can only be described as “Oh I just threw this on (I totally didn’t plan it last night).”

You love to be surrounded by your friends and the eight seater tables are perfect for a catch up/ study session. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the flower wall has somehow made it on to your Instagram.

The reading room

The reading room seems to be that part of the library that people either never venture into or it’s the only place they work in. If you’re a bit like me then the idea of a deathly silent room is terrifying (what if my phone goes off even though I’ve checked several times that it’s on silent?).

So if the reading room is your top spot in the library then you’re determined to stay on top of deadlines and aren’t in the library to mess about. You’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem where distractions are a distant memory and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Study room

These rooms seemed to be booked up for the next three calendar months so if you’re someone who regularly gets to use one of these then please share your secrets with the rest of us. If this is your go to seat then you’re somebody who knows what they want and you’re going to get it.

You’re invested in your studies and these rooms allow you to truly focus on them. Or maybe you’re someone who only studies at night so you can grab one of these rooms when they’re finally free – think smarter not harder.

The window seat

Whether you like these seats to watch people or for people to see how put together you are, the window seats seem the best for entertainment to pass the time. Why finally watch that lecture you slept through when you can watch people sprint to get a seat on the bus or to get to their lecture that’s all the way across campus?

You’re someone who is always up to date on all the latest news and gossip and you love to share it. Why wouldn’t you be when you can see everything going on in Alex Square?

By the tree

Whilst the new tree isn’t as impressive as Norman (RIP Norman, gone too soon), the seats around it are still to be desired. Maybe you love being surrounded by nature or maybe its the fact you’re close to both the vending machines and to the toilets, these seats are in the heart of the library and you won’t miss anything.

With these seats never seeming to be empty it’s impressive if you manage to nab one and that preparedness is something to both envy and admire.

Whether you’re a social person who loves be at the centre of gossip or an independent studier who hates distractions, the library has a seat for everyone and your favourite definitely reveals something about you.

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