We photoshopped Lancs college merch onto runway models

There’s no argument, Pendle merch = best merch

We might have come to the end of Fashion Week, but the fashion grind on campus never stops. From the timeless grey and navy Lancaster Uni hoodie to the Chancellor’s Wharf lanyards that everyone seems to wear, it seems that Lancs merch is inescapable.

So what better way to celebrate the end of Fashion Week by showing off college merch on real Fashion Week models?

We’re going to be honest, a lot of this merch would probably get boo’d off of the runway in seconds, but it’s fun to dream.


This model very clearly is not showing off Versace’s latest styles. They’re instead sporting an altered version of Bowland College’s new hoodie.

This is the only form of wearable merchandise that Bowland sells, which means you’re pretty pressed for choice if you’re a friend of the fair lady. But with a bit of imagination (and green eyeshadow), you might just be able to pull it off.


Arguably Lancaster’s most fashionable college both on and off the merch store, this model is repping Grizedale with their incredibly Lancastrian three-quarter zip and its matching bucket hat.

This one goes hard, there’s no denying it. We’re considering transferring to Grizedale so we can wear the fleece without feeling traitorous.


This model is sporting not one, not two, but three pieces of County College merch.

Obviously, a uni-wide favourite is the duck plushie, which is perfectly friend-sized and looks great on a shoulder. And the County mug is kind of a statement accessory as well.


Here we see a model wearing the classic, if a little uninspired, Furness college hoodie. Make sure to note the twirly strings and the vibrant colours.

Furness also offers this in a steel grey, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of Furness purple, can you?


This model is strutting their stuff wearing a blue Lonsdale hoodie.

Whilst the decision to pair it with bright orange trousers and shoes is definitely a choice, we genuinely think you could get away with going to Sugar in this one.



Pendle’s won this, hands down.

Imagine your Pendle mate rocking up to their lecture wearing this. It’s patriotic and fashionable at the same time.

Pendle has the prettiest default colours for their merch, and this proves that you can literally pair it with anything.


Another quick classic from Cartmel college; their burgundy hoodie is simple but looks so soft that it sort of knocks other standard college hoodies out of the park.

With a bit of styling, this one probably could show up on a runway one day. If the models weren’t too afraid to admit they’re in Cartmel.

We’re joking, Cartmel. Keep being you.

Fylde and Grad don’t list any merch on the university website, which is a huge shame because we reckon you could do loads with the Grad owl. Cottagecore Fylde mill merch, anyone?

We’ll be here waiting for next Fashion Week. We’ll probably see the Pendle merch designer there.

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