The results are in: Sultans is officially the best place to eat on campus

Clearly free chips and kindness are a winning combination

At the beginning of this week, we asked you all to vote on your favourite place to eat on campus. This is potentially the most coveted title Lancaster has to offer, and after much anticipation and many votes later, we can finally reveal the results.

However, we should take a moment to appreciate those who just missed out on the top spot. GoBurrito was runner-up with a respectable 24.4% of votes, as clearly, their delectable burritos are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Notably, Greggs came in third place, securing only 11.5% of the final votes, which might be a bit of a kick-in-the-teeth for those who testify that grabbing a steak bake after an early seminar is one of the highlights of visiting campus. Unfortunately, these candidates just had some very tough competition.


As you may have guessed, this leaves Sultans to have reigned victorious, taking the crown with over a third of all responses. A vote for students, by students, there is no denying that Sultans is the best place to stumble into for a quick bite to eat, whatever the situation. We all know there is no better decision after a few drinks than to enter this safe haven and gorge on whatever your heart desires.

It is a truly iconic place, and it is no surprise that Lancaster students have selected this as their number one.

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