We came up with 40 Lancs related never have I ever questions

We’re just making sure that you’re prepared for your next pres

Ring of Fire and Never Have I Ever are staple drinking games. You’ll play these games on the first day of freshers week as a game to ‘get to know your flatmates’, and then you’ll never stop. When it’s your first week of uni, and you don’t know anyone, what’s a better thing to do than make things a little less awkward by playing a few drinking games to break the ice?

But these games will stay with you for your whole time at uni, so there’s no escaping them. Even if you go and visit your mates down the road for one drink, someone will suggest playing one of these deadly games, and the night goes downhill from there.

Just for you, we’ve curated a list of 40 Lancs related Never Have I Evers to keep you busy the next time you decide to go drinking. Remember to drink responsibly!

Right, let’s start. Never Have I Ever…

1) Made it to a 9 am

Bonus point if you don’t come home and have a nap as soon as you’re done

2) Never have I ever got on the 100 bus and immediately regretted it

3) Never have I ever attended every night out during Fresher’s Week

4) Never have I ever made use of the Sugarbus (when it was still a thing)

We miss you, Sugarbus

5) Never have I ever been to Maccies after a night out

6) Never have I ever walked past a random house party and just joined it

7) Never have I ever made friends in the smoking area of a pub or club

Bonus points if it’s Sugar

8) Never have I ever held or attended a themed house party

9) Never have I ever been to Crafties and/or Greens

10) Never have I ever been featured on the Sultans Snapchat story

You know you’ve made it when you’re absolutely plastered on everyone’s Snapchat homepage

12) Never have I ever called it a night at pres

Poor effort, especially if you have a ticket for an event at Sugar.

13) Never have I ever threw up in the underpass

14) Never have I ever beefed someone for the college that they’re in

15) Never have I ever been chased by the ducks on campus

The ducks can be scary sometimes, especially when you want to eat your Greggs in peace and they just stare at you…

16) Never have I ever been on the Woodland Walk

17) Never have I ever done a bar crawl of the bars on campus

18) Or of the pubs in town

We have yet to make it to all of them…

19) Never have I ever set off the fire alarm in halls

Whoever set it off at 3 am that one time in my first year at Grizedale, I still haven’t forgiven you.

20) Never have I ever tried Brew’s new menu

21) Never have I ever had more than 95% attendance

22) Never have I ever skipped a lecture because I was too hungover

23) Never have I ever wore my Sugar Stamp with pride the next day

24) Never have I ever gotten with someone but didn’t catch their name

Gone but never forgotten x

25) Written a Lancfession/ Lancrush

26) Never have I ever bumped into my sneaky link in Central

It’s just an awkward encounter of “Hiya, you alright?”, “Yeah, good, you?”, “Yeah, I’m good too,” and then don’t speak for the rest of the time that you’re in Central at the same time.

27) Never have I ever watched the sunset in Williamson Park

28) Never have I ever been to Highest Point Festival

29) Never have I ever tripped on the stairs in the underpass

Bonus drink if people saw you do it

30) Never have I ever been to Lancaster Castle

31) Never have I ever been on a return train journey from Lancs station and not paid for your ticket

32) Never have I ever stolen a traffic cone and taken it home

Traffic cones are both the best and worst form of uni house decor

33) Never have I ever had a noise complaint

34) Never have I ever been to Heysham

35) Never have I ever been kicked out of Sugar/ Glow

36) Never have I ever failed a uni assignment/ missed a deadline

37) Never have I ever gone out to Sugar and then made it to my 9 am

We have no idea how anyone can actually do this

38) Never have I ever bought Lancaster Uni merch

39) Never have I ever fallen out with your housemates

40) Never have I ever been to Ado’s after a night out

If you’ve made it to the end of this list and you’ve not blacked out yet, we’re officially scared of you. Remember you drink if you HAVE done these things.

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