Lancaster University Societies Awards 2022 nominations shortlist

In lieu of the results event tomorrow night, here is a definitive lift of all of this year’s nominees

This year, Lancaster University Students’ Union has run the first-ever society awards.

The “celebration” was announced in November 2021 by current VP Societies & Media, Dom Casoria.

The event acts to observe all of the hard work that Lancs societies are putting in throughout the year.

Instagram via @lususocietiesmedia

The announcement Instagram post read: “Launching the first-ever societies awards! Think glitter, champagne, suits and gowns for a night to recognise amazing work our societies have done throughout the year. This is going to be a special celebration. Please nominate yourself now!”

Students were welcomed to nominate societies they believed were going the extra mile across various categories, including “Event of the year” and “Fundraising and Volunteering”.

A second post was made once the nomination window had closed, announcing the societies who had made the shortlist.

Instagram via @lususocietiesmedia

The societies nominated were as follows:

Event of the year: Diwali Ball (@nhsflancaster, @luindiansociety, @lutamilsoc), ULMS concert (@u_lms), Cross Party Movember Night (@lancsunilibdems, @lancunigreenparty, @lancunicons, @lupolisociety)

Small Society of the year: Octopush – Underwater Hockey (@lu_underwaterhockey), Taiwanese Soc, Entrepreneurs (@lu.entrepeneurs)

Best Collaborative event: Diwali (@nhsflancaster, @luindiansociety, @lutamilsoc), Murder mystery night (@adsoc_lu, LURPS, @lufashionsoc), Comedy (@lulucicomedy) and Defying Dementia (@defyingdementialu)

Fundraising and Volunteering: LUDanS (@ludansuk), Defying Dementia (@defyingdementialu), Cancer Research (@lucancerreasearch)

Recreational Sport Award: BJJ (@lu_brazilianjiujitsu), Ballet (@lu.balletsociety), Gaming & eSports

Academic Soc of the year: Law (@lulawsoc), Economics (@lueconomicssociety), Marketing (@lumarketingsociety)

Cultural and Faith Soc of the year: Radical Youth (@ry_lancs), Sikh (@lancaster_sikhsoc), Tamil (@lutamilsoc)

Committee of the year: SwiftSoc (@luswiftsoc), Baking Soc (@lubakingsociety), Ballroom (@lu.bds)

Equality & Diversity: Living History (@lulivinghistorysociety), Japanese Soc (@lujapanese), Pro-Wrestling (@lupw_soc)

Special Interest Soc of the year: LUMAS (Manga & Anime), SSAGO (@lancasterssago), Harry Potter (@lupottersoc)

Campaign of the year: Labour (@lancslabourclub), Advertising Soc (@adsoc_lu), EWB (@ewblancaster)

Lasting Impact: Investment & Finance Society – LUFS, Law (@lulawsoc), Defying Dementia (@defyingdementialu)

Sustainability: Edible Campus (@ediblecampuslu), EWB (@ewblancaster), Parisa

New Society of the Year: Sober (@lusobersociety), Dog Soc (@ludogsoc), Nigerian Soc

Performance: Swing Dance (@lusdance), Comedy (@lulucicomedy), Theatre Group (@theatregroup)

Most Improved and Rising Star: K-pop (@lukpopsoc), ABACUS (@lu_abacus), Marrow

Hidden Hero Soc of the year: Swing Dance (@lusdance), Craft (@lucraftsoc), Gaming & eSports

Vice Presidents’ Cup: Benjamin Seimon, Theo Hunt, Keenan Taku

Outstanding Individual Achievement: Abi Graham, Ariana DeCross, Eleanor Hodgson

Society of the year: Malaysian Soc (, Mountaineering Club, Hiking Society

The event will be taking place tomorrow night, during which all nominees will find out who has won each category.

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