Lancaster University has released exam timetables

All exams are to be online, unless stated otherwise

The university has just released the exam timetable for all summer exams.

This announcement follows a statement released in November, declaring that all departments would inform students of their plans in late February.

Professor Jane Taylor, the university’s Dean for Academic Quality, revealed to all students that “Part 1 students will have their exams during the period of 6th- 18th of June and for Part 2 students, their exams will be in the period of  25th April- 18th June.”

She added that “the Part II exam period is traditionally split into an early and a main exam period, which allows for essential teaching to take place towards the end of summer term in some subject areas” meaning that there is a selection of exams for a number of subjects which fall into the early period and these departments are  Biomedical and Life Sciences, Computing and Communications, Engineering, Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics.

Students can find their individual exam timetable on the student portal 

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