The 10 Foods Lancs students would LOVE to get for free in Sugar

Because who doesn’t get the drunk munchies?

All Lancs students love a night out in Sugar, but having to leave early because you have the drunk munchies and just need some curly fries, is not a vibe. Wouldn’t it just be so much better if you could get food in the club, so you didn’t have to leave? And wouldn’t it just be so much better if that food in the club was free?

So we compiled a list of the 10 foods that Lancs Uni students would love to get for free in Sugar:

1. Grapes

Specifically, the red ones from Sainsbury’s, but who doesn’t love a good grape—getting one of your five a day in too!

2. Greggs Sausage Rolls

A Greggs sausage roll is unbeaten at lunchtime, but imagine how much better it would be whilst drunk. Not sure the Sugar staff would appreciate the mess, though…

3. Cheese and Pineapple sticks

I’m talking about the ones always handed out at birthday parties from ages five to ten. Where are they now?

4. Toast

The best and most iconic drunk snack. There’s something about a piece of buttery toast that is unbeaten by anything else.

5. Pizzetta Republic’s Cheesy Garlic Bread

It’s shaped like a pizza but garlicky and cheesy. What more could you want? Also, a great snack to eat whilst still dancing – it only restricts the use of one hand.

6. Kellogg’s Mini Cereal Boxes

At this point, we should just request a full breakfast bar in Sugar. But no joke, why do these taste so much better than big boxes of cereal.

7. Microwave Popcorn

Apart from everyone queuing up to use Sugar’s non-existent microwave, this seems like a great drunk snack.

8. Subway’s Nacho Boxes

Exactly what it says on the tin. Nachos. In a box. You can’t really go wrong, to be honest.

9. Maccies Chicken Nuggs

Are good anyway, but when drunk *chef’s kiss*.

10. Sultan’s Curly Fries

If you’re not ending your night out with a trip to Sultans on campus, you’re doing it wrong. Bonus points if they’re cheesy curly fries.

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