KPop, Star Wars and True Crime: Here are the new societies at Lancs Uni

If you’re looking to join one of these new societies, they always welcome new members

Societies. We’ve all considered joining at least one new one, but we have never gotten around to it. Perhaps it was one of your New Years resolutions to join a society, but much like every other resolution, it has failed to come into fruition. Even us older folk in our final year want to try something new. There’s still time to make new friends and go on the fancy dress socials.

New societies at Lancaster Uni emerge all the time, from the Brazilian Jujitsu to the Italian Soc, there is something new and exciting for you to try if you’re on the hunt to join a new society.

KPop Society

As KPop is loved by many students on campus, KPop Soc believed a whole society should be made to appreciate the music. They said: “We started up as a society since we know KPop is loved by a lot of people and a lot of people who don’t always get the chance to share this love, so as a result we started up the society to provide a space for fans of this genre to meet and discuss their favourite groups, idols and songs.”

For information about how to join, they said: “We meet every Thursday 6-8pm in Bowland North Seminar room 10 and we hold a variety of events such as quizzes, games night, collaborations with other societies (such as anime and sociology). If you want to become a member, the membership fee is £5 for the whole year and you can purchase this from the LUSU website.”

Italian Society

The Italian Society was set up for those who have an interest in Italian culture. They said they were “founded by some members who met during their first year and supported each other through the transition of moving abroad.”

They expressed how difficult it is to move to a new country to study as an international student and want to be a comforting society for international students, “as international students, we know how hard moving to a different country can be, therefore our main scope is to create a space where everyone can feel at home.”

The society came about “when we realised we were surrounded by other Italians and many people interested with our culture”. Currently, there are over 90 people interested in the society.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian Jiujitsu is the world’s fastest growing combat sport and the society started up in September 2021. For those unaware, “Brazilian Jiujitsu combines logic and puzzle solving with a fighting style proven over and over again in both street fights and a sporting setting.”

The culture of Brazilian Jiujitsu “is also very inclusive and promotes personal development, community and is accessible for everyone. It is not just about strength because someone with good technique wins over someone with brute-force all of the time, which makes it an incredibly effective martial art to learn for self defence if you have a smaller build.”

Casual Football

This society was created for those who want to play football on a casual level. This society told us that “all of the football on campus was based around the teams; there was basically nothing for those who wanted a kick around, either because they don’t want to play competitively or just because they didn’t feel like they were good enough.”

For information about when they play, they said: “We hold our sessions every 4-5 on a Tuesday and 5-6 Thursday on the Astroturf and tickets for these sessions can be found on the SU website and are announced on the Discord server.”

Star Wars Soc

This society is the first Star Wars society at Lancaster Uni who understand that there are factions of Star Wars fans in many existing societies, such as the Lego society and the Disney society. The aim of this society is to “bring them together, enjoy Star Wars and share this experience with more people who may be interested or have been wanting to share their love for Star Wars.”

LUTrueCrime Society

via @lutruecrime on Instagram

The Founder and President of the LUTrueCrime Soc told us that the aim of this society is to unite those who have an interest in true crime. It was their “personal experience that many people are interested in true crime, but it can be hard to find people around you who share that same interest.”

LU True Crime Society wants to “create a sense of belonging amongst all of those with an interest in True Crime at Lancaster University.” Although this society is not affiliated with LUSU yet, those who are interested can follow the Discord server and WhatsApp group to keep updated on social events when they start. The Discord server is also great for chatting to people about true crime and sharing media recommendations.

These are just a few of the new societies that you can join at Lancaster Uni but of course, there is a more extensive list on the SU website.

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