Tell us your Lancs lifestyle and we’ll tell you what Disney Channel Original Movie you are

We can’t all be High School Musical now, can we?

Was there anything better than going home from primary school on a Friday evening, knowing that there was going to be a new Disney Channel Original Movie dropping that weekend? It’s something we all seem to sorely miss, especially now the Disney Channel has vanished off the airwaves forever, but we still hold the films we watched a million times over (who knows all the choreography to We’re All in This Together?) close to our hearts.

And the thing is, they taught us some pretty formative lessons. Lemonade Mouth taught us to question authority, High School Musical taught us to do what we loved, and Radio Rebel taught us how to tuck our hair into our floppy beanies and chew at our lips. All very important lessons of equal importance.

Everyone has their favourite Disney Channel Original Movie, but which one are you most like? By answering a few questions about how you live your life in Lancs, we can let you know whether you’re more of a Camp Rock or a Wizards of Waverley Place: The Movie!

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