Lancaster LGBTQ+ Forum has ended boycott of Generation nightclub

‘The boycott has succeeded in making Generation a safer space’

The three-month-long boycott of Generation nightclub by the LGBTQ+ forum has concluded after the Forum Exec met up with the Generation management team about the changes the club has made.

The decision was announced on Saturday, with an explanation provided that cited improvements in safety and communication from the club.

LGBTQ+ forum began its boycott last October amidst significant controversy concerning spiking and misconduct in nightclubs.

via @lancasterlgbtq Instagram

Since the boycott began, the nightclub has enacted new measures to address these concerns including dedicated first aid training for staff, the Angel Shot initiative, anti-spiking devices for drinks and the opening of a welfare room.

via @lancasterlgbtq Instagram

Further proposals have been suggested after a meeting between the forum and Generation management, including greater communication between the club and “queer groups and spaces in Lancaster”.

The forum believes that the boycott has been a success. They said: “The collective power of our community has allowed these positive changes”.

In an Instagram caption, Generation Nightclub said: “Generation Lancaster is committed to working with other lgbtq+ groups and organisations to promote and provide spaces for lancaster queers.”

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