Fireworks and tasty treats: A complete guide to Bonfire Night at Lancs Uni

I definitely underestimated both the temperature and the size of the crowds

After the lockdown chaos that was last year’s Michaelmas Term, I didn’t know what to expect from Lancaster Bonfire Night celebrations, but I think it’s fair to say that they exceeded my expectations!

I found seeing so many people in one space surprisingly overwhelming after such a long time spent social distancing. Still, I’m very grateful to get back to some normality, and it was great to watch the fireworks with such a large crowd.

The event coincided with both Guy Fawkes Night and Diwali and was the first Fireworks event in two years, so it was a celebration for all.

Tasty traditional treats

To beat some of the crowds and to get an amazing view of the fireworks, we arrived in Lancaster Square at seven, and it was already absolutely packed. The whole atmosphere of Bonfire Night had somehow been recreated, and thanks to the stalls of amazing smelling traditional treats, the air smelt autumnal.

I thought I was doing myself a favour by meal prepping and saving money instead of buying snacks from the stalls, but next time I’d splash out because the street food smelt simply divine, and I’d have done anything to warm myself up.

Fabulous student performances

Before the firework show, student societies were allowed to perform in front of crowds. They were entertaining to the point where I was dancing to music and forgot I was even standing in the freezing Lancaster cold.

My particular favourites were the LU Magic and Circus Society, who performed incredible magic tricks and were real crowd-pleasers, and the Hip Hop and Breakdance Society, who had great music taste and got the crowd singing and dancing along with them.

This was a great way to get to know more societies, as I didn’t get to visit either at the Fresher’s Fair, but I wish I were a little taller, as I had to stand on tiptoes to be able to see!

A fantastic fireworks display

The fireworks lasted approximately 15 minutes, which in my books, was the perfect amount of time. Not too short that I was left disappointed, but equally didn’t drag on too long, leaving me shivering. They were so pretty too, and the crowd brought the atmosphere with them, making it a night to remember.











Can we take a moment to appreciate the random assortment of music that was chosen to accompany the fireworks, the two extremes of “Holding out for a Hero” to “Walks Like Rhianna” seemed oddly specific choices?











I’ve never seen fireworks sync up to a song as perfectly as they did to the lyric “our hearts go boom boom”, but I was very disappointed when somehow none of the hearts managed to be the right way round. In case you were all as intrigued as me, here’s a picture I took that I’ve flipped, so we can all pretend that at least one was an actual heart.














All in all, it was a very good Lancaster night out, and I did really enjoy it. I am very appreciative that I live on campus, though, because warm pyjamas and hot chocolate were necessary when I got back to the flat, and I don’t think a busy bus would have made me any warmer!

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