Stoptopp covers and increased searches: Sugarhouse announce new anti-spiking measures

‘Spiking is cruel, abhorrent and will not be tolerated’

Lancaster University Student Union’s nightclub, The Sugarhouse, has announced the new measures that they are putting in place to combat rising cases of spiking.

These measures involve increased staff training, awareness of spiking and providing foil Stoptopp covers to help prevent and deal with spiking incidents.

In a Facebook post, LUSU said “Spiking is cruel, abhorrent and will not be tolerated”, and are therefore increasing their safety measures.

Facebook via @LancasterSU

On entry there will be an increase in searches, specifically on all large bags as well as random searches on individuals being conducted throughout the night.

Body cams will be introduced for both Sugarhouse and security staff as well as extensive CCTV footage of the full venue, including the bars.

The venue will be offering free Spikies for bottle necks and foil Stoptopp covers to go over glasses to protect from substances entering drinks.

This is in tandem to offering free drink testing kits to check the safety of drinks.

Sugarhouse staff will be trained to collect unattended drinks and to look out for suspicious behaviour throughout the entire venue, especially in the bar areas.

Throughout the night, door supervisors will be alert to suspicious activity but also aware of customers who appear unwell or unsettled.  The majority of core staff members are First Aid trained.

Signage will be placed around the venue informing club goers to look after their drinks and making it clear that drink spiking is not be tolerated.

The Late Night Do It Right service is on hand on busy nights outside the nightclub to offer a friendly chat to those who need and to supply free water and biscuits.

A SIA licenced FGH Welfare Supervisor will be working every night that the venue is open. They will standout in a purple and silver hi-vis jacket and are there to provide help and assistance to anyone. They are First Aid trained.

Finally, the post announced: “Should anyone be discovered to be spiking drinks with alcohol or drugs they would be reported to the Police, barred from the venue for life and also reported to the Deanery at the University.”

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