Hundreds of people at ‘Fight for Palestine protest’ in Dalton Square

‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’

Hundreds of people were gathered in Dalton Square for the ‘Fight for Palestine protest’, Saturday May 22nd.

Many held signs while chanting and showing support for Palestine.

The protestors marched through Lancaster town centre which blocked the streets.

The protestors were chanting: “One two three four occupation no more, five six seven eight Israel Israel terrorist state” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.

Jude Rowley, part of the organising team, told The Tab Lancaster: “The protest came about to show Palestinian people that they are not alone in this and that there is support for them at the university as well and that a lot of people are against the oppression.”

Many students went to show their support.

Darla*, a Lancaster University student, told The Tab Lancaster: “Even though me and my friend are not from Palestine or directly affected from the issue, we went to the protest to show our collective support to the people whose lives are impacted and to show our aggression towards injustice, especially in the grander scheme of things.”

Another student, Anna Sotiriou, said: “This Saturday morning was one of the most fulfilling ones that I’ve had this year. It made me think that I was no longer a part of the problem. A part of the group who ignores and turns a blind eye on oppression and injustice.

“This protest may not have the desired result but at least it made people aware that it is mandatory to speak against injustice and not ignore it since what is happening now in Palestine could happen anywhere in the future.”

*Name changed for anonymity. 

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