‘This time it feels too good to be true’: Lancs students on coming out of lockdown

How are Lancaster Uni students feeling about the easing of lockdown?

Ever since March 2020 when we first heard about the coronavirus and the global impact it was having, we have been stuck in a cycle of coming in and out of lockdowns while simultaneously wondering if students will ever get back to what we remember of normality. Most students will be missing the nights of spontaneity where you’d decide to go to Sugar 10 minutes before you decide to leave. Being able to have drunk conversations in the toilets and just socialise generally without restrictions is a distant memory.

With everyone eagerly waiting for what will happen on June 21st, many Lancs students are looking forward to the return of a somewhat normality. However, in a year of uncertainty and unpredictability, are all students filled with excitement or anxiety for the easing of further restrictions?

‘A little concerned as to how fast we are moving back into normality’

Chez, a first year from Pendle college, told us that she is “excited to get back to socialising and living properly again, without being cooped up inside.” She said she can’t wait to celebrate her twenties with a sense of normalcy. Chez said that she “will be enjoying some of the things that have opened up again, but I am still going to proceed with caution.”

However, Chez is “a little concerned as to how fast we are moving back into normality” as she feels like “we should’ve eased restrictions a little bit slower to allow for more people to be full vaccinated as we allow bigger crowds.”. She explains that she is “afraid of the government giving us false hope and using us for economic gain by having us think that we are at the cusp of normal life before another lockdown or a breakout of a new variant.”

‘Slightly sceptical, especially with the new Indian variant’

Jorge, a first year from Bowland college, says that he “is excited about lockdown being lifted” but he does feel “slightly sceptical, especially with the new Indian variant that has appeared.”

He feels that “we may go into another lockdown again as cases will almost certainly rise”, though he hopes that “deaths won’t rise too much as the vaccine will reduce the chance of death.” Jorge goes on to comment that “we will just have to see what happens, it is all just speculation currently.”

‘We were all in the same boat before’

James, a first year from Furness college, told The Lancaster Tab: “It’s nice to be able to do stuff again because I’ve missed going to the pub and having a few pints with my mates or even going to the cinema and having a meal.” He adds that “bars opening up again is amazing”.

However, James says that “although the highs are great, coronavirus and lockdown has brought some pretty rubbish lows too. We were all in the same boat before and now it feels like everyone is doing their own thing again and after a year of that camaraderie, it can feel pretty lonely when this fear of missing out that that we didn’t have in lockdown, comes back.”

‘I’ve forgotten Covid was a thing’

Joe, a furst year from Fylde college, felt like “first term was a bit of a drag with restrictions and porters coming into the flats but now it feels like things are slowly going back to normal and we are finally having somewhat of a uni experience.”

Joe explains that “over the last few days, I’ve forgotten Covid was a thing because of the social events and sports (finally) getting started again.”

‘This time it feels too good to be true’

Hannah, a third year from Pendle college, told us: “I don’t think I have one particular reason why I think lockdown will happen-maybe a variant becoming more widespread? But after multiple tightening and relaxing of restrictions over the last year or so, this time it feels too good to be true.”

Hannah adds that she is “scared that if restrictions are put back in place, it’ll be the last straw for many people’s mental health.”

‘People will become careless and Covid will take the lead again’

Carlos, a business management student, feels that “everyone was mad at this lockdown after lockdown since last year. Now it is amazing to see that the number of daily cases has reduced so much that we can actually somewhat experience again all of the things that Covid took away from us.”

However, Carlos is “concerned that in an attempt to get all of the accumulated adrenaline out of their system, people will become careless and Covid will take the lead again and then we’ll be put into another lockdown.”

‘Very nervous about coming out of lockdown’

Alex, a second year student from County college, told us that he is “very nervous about coming out of lockdown because the last year has been hard for everyone. On the one had, I feel very happy that we’re emerging and can actually to things again and be more free, but on the other hand, I am nervous that we will be put into another lockdown as a result of the rise in cases.”

‘Going to the pubs has been great’

Azoof, a Furness student, told us that “staying in my room 24/7 made me depressed, so since the 12th April when things opened up again, going to the pubs has been great.” Azooz added that “since the 17th May and being able to actually have a meal inside, go out and meet people outside of your household made life easier for me. I am also looking forward to being eligible to getting the vaccine because I think that this would get rid of my worried about the virus.”

The overall consensus is that many Lancs students are excited that lockdown is easing and we can finally go back to the pub and restaurants. But that doesn’t mean some students don’t have their concerns about Covid and the anxiety of going back to normality.

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