‘Fight for Palestine Protest’ in Dalton Square Saturday May 22nd

A protest against the bombing of Gaza

The Lancaster Friends of Palestine society have organised an event in Dalton Square to protest against the Israeli bombing of Gaza on Saturday May 22nd from 12-1 pm .

The event comes after lockdown restrictions permitted gatherings of up to thirty people outdoors from Monday May 17th.

The event was advertised on Facebook by the society. The society’s manifesto on their page states: “The Lancaster Friends of Palestine Society is dedicated to supporting the Palestinian struggle for justice, the end of the Israeli occupation and peace.”

The Facebook advert states: “We protest the continuous brutality shown by the Israeli apartheid regime” and that Israeli airstrikes “as of writing have taken nearly 200 Palestinian lives.”

It continues by stating the aim of the protest: “We must force our government to immediately divest from the arms trade to Israel and call for the government to take immediate actions and sanction Israel.”

The group have held other events in the last month, including a socially distanced spoken word speech event on Friday May 14th and a writing workshop to appeal to MPs to stop evictions on Monday May 10th.

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