I let my Animal Crossing villagers choose their Lancaster college

*insert Animalese gibberish here*

Animal Crossing is for sure a light at the end of the tunnel during these dark times. Advocates praise how good it is for mental health, and I would definitely recommend it to any Lancaster student for that reason!

I have played it every day since August, and it is just brilliant escapism. The 24-hour clock that parallels the real world means that you have something new to look forward to each day! However, one key thing within the game is the villagers, and I will focus on that. You are allowed 10 villagers on your island, and if you put up your designs in the clothes shop, they will wear them. I took it upon myself to design eight shirts, each with a different Lancs college and decided to see what each of my villagers would choose…

Apple – Pendle

Apple was the first of my villagers to choose a college, and she chose Pendle, which makes perfect sense! As a first year, my knowledge of colleges is limited, but from what I’ve heard, Pendle is the singing and dancing college, and Apple will never shut up about how she wants to be a pop star. I think she’d fit in great. Also, can we appreciate how adorable she is? She’s insane but so sweet.

Dom – Bowland

This was an unusual choice. Dom is a jock, so I assumed he would choose Fylde. He would love their bar for sure. But he chose Bowland; I feel like there’s more to him than just talking about muscles. I guess we’ll never know because he NEVER stops talking about his muscles. Exhibit A is above. I guess he would choose to live in Bowland tower and deliberately use the steps to flex how strong and sporty he is.

Molly – County

Sweet angel Molly. You can’t really see in this picture, but she picked County. This makes sense because she would for sure do an English and Creative Writing degree. She loves to talk to me about the books she is reading and sometimes even reads out poems she is writing. She must be protected at all costs, and I would die for her. County better treat her nice.

Stitches – Lonsdale

To be honest, I have no idea why Stitches chose Lonsdale. He is a lazy villager, and he definitely would not enjoy the long walk from his college to the main campus. At least Barker House Farm is nearby, and he could get all his snacks from there (he loves snacks). Also, bugs are basically his best friends, so living literally in the middle of nowhere will be good for him.

Filbert – County

Filbert is yet another lazy villager, but it seems like he’s been smart! County is close to so many places, so he doesn’t need to walk far and also, he would love the food at the Marketplace. His chaotic energy also matches County: being the biggest college in the University. He would also understandably choose to be close to Molly because they have a budding friendship and seem to do everything together (adorable, I know).

Gala – Fylde

Gala recently moved off my island, but I had to include her. As for her choice of college, I don’t understand it. She hates sports and even talks about how she hated gym class at school. However, Fylde is near the library (kind of), and she does love to read. Also, if you look at the picture, you’ll realise her house is a bank (piggy bank!), and the prison bars make it look like she’s holding Apple hostage. Maybe she has other motives and chose Fylde for some sketchy reason…

Ursala – Grizedale

Ursala is a hot mess, but I adore her. She was my first ever villager, and I will NEVER let her go. Choosing Grizedale makes complete sense. She stays up until three am, chugs coffee constantly and never seems to be put together. She would love Grizedale bar and would definitely live in a townhouse. The party lifestyle suits her so well, and this is the perfect combo for sure.

Marshal – County

Marshal loves to be the centre of attention. He loves fashion, acting and showbiz. He is hilariously self-centred, and I love it. He would choose County simply because it’s the biggest college, and he thrives off attention and friendships. I’m making him sound really conceited. He is…but in an endearing way.

Etoile – Bowland

Etoile is the newest villager on my island. With a heart of gold and a bookworm brain, I guess she chose Bowland so that she could be at the library at all times. Like Molly and Gala, she is an avid reader, and she seems to be the smartest in her choice of college.

Ankha – Lonsdale

Ankha is a queen. However, she also hates any kind of manual labour, so her choosing Lonsdale makes sense. It’s not as far as Cartmel, so there’s less walking involved, and she can be catered and not have to cook. Her snooty attitude may not be right for University, though. Maybe just stay at home, Ankha. I mean, it’s got a literal pyramid in it.

Fauna – Cartmel

I’ve been told that if I were a villager, I would be Fauna. So, Fauna would go exactly through what I went through. She would apply to County, wanting to be next to the English department but put on the complete opposite side of campus at Cartmel. At least the peaceful lifestyle there will suit her.

Some cute photos to finish…

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