Students evacuated from Fylde halls last night due to melting plastic in lift

Students waited two hours in Fylde Bar before returning to their accommodation

Last night, a lift in Fylde halls set off the fire alarms due to melting of plastic which caused students to congregate outside then wait in Fylde Bar for two hours before returning safely to their accommodation.

The fire alarm went off at 10:30 pm and students in Fylde Houses 69 and 70, and surrounding buildings, were evacuated outside.

Fire engines and police arrived on the scene after 11:30 pm.

At midnight, students were told to move to Fylde Bar in which they were told there would be a two hour minimum wait.

It wasn’t until 1:55 am early this morning that students were allowed to return to their accommodation.

The Tab Lancaster reached out to some Fylde students to comment on their experience.

Katie*, a first year from Fylde, said: “There were like seven fire engines. Then we had to move to Bonnington steps. Got some free water from Sultans. Then had to move to Fylde Bar and they let us wait inside. Didn’t get back till two/three am because after the fire people left they had to get someone to check it was safe to go in.”

Lucy, another first year from Fylde, said: “I was hoping for a chill early night but then I ended up being in the cold until two am waiting for this thing to be over. Not being told what was happening and only being told to “move back” every half hour didn’t help my anxiety.”

A spokesperson for Lancaster University provided a statement on the events of last night, which said: “The Fire Service was called to Fylde residences last night around 10 pm, following a fire alarm. While engineers investigated evidence of melted plastic on the motor in the high level lift shaft, some students were evacuated as a precaution and Fylde bar was opened so there was somewhere comfortable to sit.  The residences were declared safe for students to return to after about three and a half hours. The lift has now been isolated and further investigations will take place next week.

“The safety of our students is very important and all security procedures were followed. There is no evidence to suggest anything was caused maliciously.”

* Name has been changed for anonymity.

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