Tell us how you revise and we’ll tell you where to study on campus

No, your bed doesn’t count

We’re in the final term, and for those of us unlucky enough to have exams looming, it’s time to begin the dreaded part of our student lives known as revision.

By now, most of us are too familiar with the slog of gathering together our revision materials and dragging ourselves to the places we revise best. But there are almost too many aspects to consider when revising in order to create the perfect revision schedule.

When you think of having to fit revision into your already busy schedule of drinking and sleeping, along with where to go and what to bring, the stress of just thinking about the possibility of revision seems almost too much to bear.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help with at least one irritating part. Just take this quiz to figure out the best place for you to revise on campus based on the rest of your revision routine.


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