All the best tattoos that Lancs students have gotten since lockdown ended

While many have gone out drinking, these students have gone inking

While many Lancs students gladly welcomed the arrival of April 12th as it enabled them to resume their drinking habit in public, another faction were equally as pleased that the tattoo studios were reopening.

The opportunity to express yourself artistically via being stabbed repeatedly by a needle has wide appeal and with the forced closure of non-essential businesses having left ink enthusiasts with no other option than to put their faith in a drunken flatmate, it comes as no surprise that a number of students quickly capitalized on the chance to get their body art done by a trained professional.

Here are some of the best and brightest tattoos students have gotten since the reopening of the studios.

A Bright Idea

Our first submission comes from Lucy, a first year law student from Fylde. They have opted for a unique design which features the classic combination of a planet, mermaid and light bulb. The small sparks etched around the main design are also a nice touch, as is the fact that the mermaid’s tale is smashing the bulb. It’s the kind of tattoo that reveals more intricate details the longer that you look at it and was hopefully worth the wait.

A Cat Tat

This second tattoo belongs to Melissa, who is a first year criminology student, also from Fylde. This is apparently a faithful recreation of her cat “Millie”, who used to follow Melissa around and can now do so all of the time.

The wreath of flowers around Millie is a nice additional aspect to the artwork as is the deeply contemplative look on her face as she surveys what appears to be either a bee or a wasp.

A Hearty Addition

Here, our third tattoo arrives in the form of a heart on the shoulder of Chara, who is a law student in their third year and a member of County college. A subtle addendum, the delicately-sketched heart is a great minimalist addition, proving that tattoos don’t have to be extravagantly detailed to be meaningful or aesthetically pleasing.

A Kneehistoric Piece

The elegantly sketched stegosaurus above resides on the leg of Cat, a first year International Relations and History student from Pendle. Another minimal but impressive design, the dinosaur is featured peering up, seemingly with an optimism that few of us are lucky enough to possess; perhaps grateful that the lifting of the lockdown allowed them to be drawn into being.

We could all learn a thing or two from this stegosaurus and try to adopt its positive mental attitude.

A Fruitful Purchase

Here we have a solid reminder to get our five a day, all thanks to Christina, who is a third year Fylde Management and Human Resources student. A ridiculously elaborate design, the precise levels of detail on not just the peach itself but also the leaves and stone is frankly impressive. All we’re left wondering is the whereabouts of the other half of the peach, which regrettably appears to have vanished.

A Big Cat Pattern

Included here is a big cat of some description, possibly a lioness, with it being submitted by Georgia – a Grizedale student in their first year, studying history. The design of the creature would be accomplished enough on its own but it is further accentuated by the well-sketched landscape inside, with trees, plains a skyline and even a couple of birds featuring on the animal. From head to tail this is an immaculate design that like Lucy’s offers an intriguing new detail every time it is viewed.

The Lancs Student with the Dragon Tattoo

Evan, a first year County student studying History and Politics, recently got a tattoo that seemingly depicts a person mid-way through the painful process of being swallowed by a dragon while clinging to a crucifix (either that or it’s a mermaid with an extremely long tail).

The meaning behind Evan’s tattoo is initially unclear but it certainly looks formidable and would make a neat addition for any person hoping to spruce up their forearm.

Obtaining a Plane

There is a classic riddle that asks the question: “What travels all around the world while staying in one place?” The answer there, is a postage stamp but an alternative would be the miniature plane on this entry’s ankle. Marina, a first year Lonsdale student who is studying English Language and Linguistics, may be hoping to put their linguistic skills into practice when they leave Lancaster and travel around the world (a hopefully easier feat whenever this whole covid business dies down).

Many students might be feeling more of a wanderlust after being forced to stay home for over a year and getting a tattoo that demonstrates this is the first step.

Moon Unity

We are in luck here as we’ve received not one, but four tattoos from Ada, a second year International Business Management student from Furness, and their flatmates. This group collaboration has apparently come about thanks to the four friends living together on Lune Street, serving as a useful reminder for good times they’ve had while living there. A canny idea, though admittedly it must’ve been easier to come up with than if they’d lived together on Havelock Street or Avondale Road.

Armed with Flowers

Lastly, there is this impeccable bouquet, or tattooquet if you prefer, drawn on the arm of Anna, a second year Fylde International Relations student. Thinly sketched with some admirable craftsmanship, the careful selection of plant life brings the concept of spring and new birth to life; an apt design to get at this time of year especially as the easing of the last lockdown (hopefully) brings a new lease of life to us all.

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