Which Drag Race Season 13 Queen are you based on your favourite place on campus?

A very important question indeed

There are about 50,000 seasons of Ru Paul’s Drag Race every year, ranging from the original USA version to the UK to Canada to Thailand to The Netherlands. It really is worldwide!

Now that Drag Race Season 13 is finally over after months of its airing, we have a full understanding of each queen. Let’s see where they match up with places on campus.

Sultans – Symone

Sultans has been holding Lancaster together during this pandemic just as Symone has been holding together Drag Race due to her sheer talent. They are both literally carrying the weight of everything on their backs and honestly… iconic.

Throughout this whole pandemic, Sultans has always been here for us and now our new winner is here for her own leading reign.

The LICA Building – GottMik and Kahmora Hall

Being the fashion queens of the season Mik and Kahmora are undeniably very modern. Their fashion is sleek, stylish and unique and not to mention beautiful. The LICA building looks pretty modern. and that bridge leading up to it with the lights on just hits different. If you like its aesthetic you would also like the aesthetic of these two queens!

The area where the ducks meet outside of Fylde – Denali

Denali is an ice skater and is insanely talented. She does backflips on ice and makes it look as easy as walking. She would love the area where the ducks meet outside of Fylde because it gets freezing so she will fit in perfectly. We think she’d like the ducks. It’s just a hunch. She is also self-described as being “hotter than a tamale” so I’m sure she could keep herself warm. Overall she is the perfect package for this area on campus.

The Library: Tamisha Iman

Tamisha Iman has lived a life. Seriously you should just watch this season to watch her tell her amazing life stories. She has three biological children, has shared her experiences from her childhood and her childhood figure and has taught the queens about ballroom culture and its impact.

She also has so many drag children one being Lala Ri who is on this season of drag race too. She has so much wisdom and so much to teach so obviously if your favourite place is the library you would be Tamisha Iman.

The Deli: Olivia Lux

Olivia is a sweetie. Her smile is infectious and is proclaimed by the other queens to be the nicest in the cast: perhaps even too nice. She also gets excited over the smallest things it’s honestly adorable. Seriously she’s so sweet and she would fit in so well at The Deli.

The Deli is a go-to for so many students, if not for the mains then definitely for the desserts. Olivia is as sweet as those desserts and she loves baking. If you love The Deli congratulations you are Olivia.

The Ruskin Library: Kandy Muse

If your favourite place is the Ruskin Library, for some reason, then you are Kandy Muse. Kandy talks at 50 miles an hour and sometimes it’s difficult to fully understand what she’s saying. The Ruskin library is difficult to understand too.

How do you get in? What’s in there? All very good questions, maybe Kandy would know.

Subway: Tina Burner

Tina Burner is more than red, orange, and yellow but she does wear a lot of it. It’s a real shame that this seems to be her defining feature for drag race fans but here we go. She is unproblematic and isn’t causing anyone harm.

That being said she could be another fast-food chain that utilises red, orange, and yellow but that’s not on campus. So, if Subway is your favourite place you are Tina Burner. It’s not just the colours. Subway fits her vibes.

Pendle – Rosé and LaLa Ri

Pendle is a performance college, so if you love performances, these queens are for you. Rosé is a singer and Lala is a lip-sync assassin, both would fit in well at Pendle. Rosé is basically in a perpetual state of singing.  She’s basically what would happen if you took a theatre kid and plonked them on a reality TV show. Lala is insane at lipsyncing. She is so fun to watch and is such a fantastic dancer.

So there you have it. All of the queens from season 13 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race as places around campus.

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