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VP Union Development resigns

‘Unfortunately, I’ll be stepping down with immediate effect…’

Lancaster Student Union’s VP Union Development Atree Ghosh has announced that he will be stepping down from his role with “immediate effect”.

Via. Lancaster SU VP Union Development on Facebook

After 11 months in the position, Ghosh announced via Facebook that his term is coming to an end.

“Throughout my term, it’s been a focus of the team and myself to ensure that no student is left behind without representation, and I can only say that this will be going on further.”

The post covers a brief explanation of what is to follow in the next few months, and Ghosh announced that a statement would be coming at midday.

“No parts of my job will be left behind, and I’ll post a short update after midday after discussing with the other officers over who will take over which part of my remit to make sure students aren’t left behind between now and the end of June, as well as other details of what happens next.”

This is all thanks to it being apart of an April fools Prank!

Ghosh cleared up “yes I’m stepping down “stepping down”, but only for a week while the Union is closed for the Easter Closure period!”

He said he will be monitoring e-mails through this period, but may only be available for urgent matters until he’s back “in my full capacity from the 8th.”

He ended with “Ps. For legal reasons; I am not actually resigning x”

The only thing left to ask is was the initial post made after midday, making Atree Ghosh, the April fool?

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