The winner of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021 has been crowned

The wait is finally over

After seven weeks of battling it out for the title, the search for Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021 is over. You all voted for who you thought was the sexiest singleton of Lancs Uni. It’s been a tough competition. All the nominees were worthy of the crown, but only one could truly be knighted with this prestigious award.

Without further ado. We can now reveal the winner of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021 is…

Aurora Piccagli

All the way from the second heat, Aurora flew through the competition dominating the votes with an overwhelming amount of support.

In response to finding out that she’d won the competition, Aurora said: “I was extremely surprised I was able to win against Fish Flops or the beautiful figure of Emma. I have to admit that the competition was very high, even the Economics exams weren’t as intense. I tried to explain to my grandparents that I won, but they weren’t very impressed when I told them I was still single.”

But will she stay true to her word about what she’d do if she won? Aurora said: “Of course I will stay true to what I said before. My proposition is still open, so feel free to DM me for the cooking, singing or even PT advice.”

To those who voted for her, Aurora would like to say: “A special thanks to Katy and Anita for nominating me and once again for those who voted for me; this has been such a fun experience, definitely something I’ll brag about on a night out.”

So that’s it! Aurora Piccagli is the new reigning hottest single of Lancaster University.

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