James May to present all Lancs students with their very own duck badge

‘What’s more iconic to the uni than the ducks?’

James May, Lancaster University graduate and TV star, is set to give out a duck badge to every Lancaster student after he tweeted about it on the 31st March 2021.

He announced that he wants to give back to the uni and thought that this was the best way to do it.

Everyone knows that the campus ducks are an iconic staple of Lancaster University and will surely be pleased with this announcement.

James May tweeted: “Going to donate duck badges to every Lancs uni student!! I want to give back to the uni and cheer up the students after the year we’ve all had. What’s more iconic to the uni than the ducks? #lancasteruni #lancsuni #ducks”.

Everyone loves the ducks and are seen as the perfect companion to any Lancs uni student. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to posting pictures of the campus ducks for all Lancs students to enjoy.

Soon every student can wear the unofficially acclaimed university mascot wherever they go.

Further information regarding the badges will be reported once more details are released.

Aril Fools!! None of the content in this article was real. But we are sad that there will be no duck badges. Hopefully James May will see this and donate duck badges for real. It’s what we all deserve. Have a great day.

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