Lancaster’s hottest single 2021: The grand finale

The time has come my dears…It’s time to vote for your life!

You’ve done the nominations, you voted through four harrowing weeks, you managed the semi finals, and now we’re here. All of us together.

Before us, behold the top three, the final three who have fought tooth and nail to make it to the final step to being crowned Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021.

However, as we’re at the final step, that means two of our three must stumble, allowing the one to step into glory. You’ve met the contestants twice now, here’s your final chance to hear a little more about why they should be crowned instead of the others.

Aurora Piccagli

aurora final

In from round two, Aurora has been riding the heat wave of this competition straight to the finale. When we asked her why she should win, she turned this back on us “as much as I am competitive there is not much to do to prove that I am hot or single so guess you should tell me why I deserve to win.” This was a very deep way to answer our question, but she continued with liking to win this to prove to her parents that “£9000 was a great investment after all” and the incentive of a “free PT training to one lucky guy.”

To the people voting her, she “first of all want to say thank you so much everyone. especially to my dear friends who probably voted for me more than once. This has been a lot of fun and I’m really grateful to be in the finals.”

Now to her final two competitors, she says “may the best man/woman win, or should I say the hottest.”

Danyaal Shahid

Danyaal final

Danyaal is a heat three hero, making his mark in the top three spot. We asked the man, the myth, the legend, why he deserved to win and all he had was two words “FISH FLOPS!”

In response to the people that have voted him into the top three, Danyaal said: Thank you for the overwhelming support. At the end of the day, all I want to do is make people laugh and brighten up everyone’s day.”

A very sweet than you to his voters, but he wanted to give a special word to Caitlin, Jack, Jake, and Harriette “for nominating me and for cheering me on and giving me the confidence to strive into the finale.”

To his fellow competitors, he said: “It’s been a good run. Regardless of the outcome it’s been an honour to be amongst some of the finest specimens Lancaster has to offer.”

Emma Hardwick

Emma final

Our final finale member, is another round two favourite.

When we asked Emma why she should win, she said: “I believe I should win because if I’ve made it this far I might as well try and win the whole thing, plus I’ll finally make my family proud and it’ll look great on the CV.” A very logical reasoning!

When we asked what she wanted to say to her voters, it was easy: “For everyone that’s voted so far, you all have greta taste. But jokes aside, I’m very thankful for everyone and honoured that I got your vote.”

Finally, to the others in the competition: “I wish all of them good luck and I know that whoever wins will be deserving of it as it’s definitely gotten very competitive now!” Our contestants have clearly been feeling the heat, but here we have another nice message to finish the competition.

Now that is it readership. The competition is coming to a rapid close. The power is once again in your hands, use the google form below and let us know who you want to be crowned Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021!