Lancs Uni gives further guidance on summer term plans, exams, and COVID-19 testing

‘New summer term timetables will be available on Friday 26 March’

Earlier today, an email was sent out to students from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Bradley regarding further information on exam timetabling, summer term activities, and testing and reporting of COVID-19.

The email stated the that they are continuing to follow the Government’s guidelines and thanked students for their patience throughout the pandemic.

Timetable for Summer Term

The University has stated that several practical courses will continue to hold a mixture of both in-person and online teaching. The involved departments will have confirmed this to students through an email by Wednesday 31 March, who are called to follow their summer term timetable as released.

Those in non-practical programmes will continue to study online until a new date for continuing a combination of both types of teaching is released and confirmed. Students will then be called to choose between the two: online or in-person learning. Further details will be available once a Government review takes place, which is said to be during the Easter break.

Postgraduate students will continue their research by working from home and students who have opted for online-only learning will remain unaffected.

Summer Term Exams

A guide for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students has been made available by the University, which includes guidance for preparing for open-book exams, their duration and time windows, penalties for plagiarism and late exam responses and a list of FAQs. These FAQs include questions regarding technical issues, missing the exam, emergencies and factual errors in exam questions.

COVID-19 Testing and Reporting

The University will resume with their twice-a-week testing policy for those residing on campus or planning to return.

The statement continued: “All students undertake testing on a twice-weekly basis when they are accessing university teaching or other University facilities.”

Should someone develop coronavirus symptoms, receive a positive COVID-19 test result or need to self-isolate, they are to report this to the University through Connect Lancaster.

Summer Term Activities

The Sports Centre has outlined plans for further activities and classes which will be available throughout March 29 until May 17, including outdoor sports facilities, such as the Tennis Courts, to reopen and formally organised outdoor sports for adults.

On top of that, Lancaster University has arranged a wide range of activities starting today until mid-April, including but not limited to events such as “Spring Fashion”, “Easter Trivia Quiz” and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Further guidance on Sports and Events can be found here and here respectively.

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