It’s time to announce the semi-finalists of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021

It’s getting hot in here x

After four intense heats of the competition, we are now down to six singletons still in the running to become Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021. You all voted, and here are the results.

Read through the profiles and then vote in the Google Form for who you believe should progress to the final. Without further ado, here are the sexy singles you wanted to be in the semi-final.

Daniela Quevedo

All the way from heat one of the competition, Daniela stole the show and was fast-tracked to the next stage. In response to being told that she was in the semi-finals, she said: “Vote for me to pass all your exams ;)”

She’s a genie making all students’ wishes come true. If you think Daniela deserves a place in the final, then make sure to vote for her at the end.

Ines Soares

Ines featured in the final heat, and now she’s in with a chance of getting into the final. Ines told us that she was very pleased to find out she had gotten this far in the competition and wasn’t expecting it. She said: “The other ladies and lads should watch out.”

We love a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight for the crown. You know what to do; if you think Ines is the queen of Hottest Single 2021, then vote for her in the Google Form.

Danyaal Shahid

Danyaal stole the students’ hearts from heat three of the competition and earned himself a place in the semi-final. In response to finding out that he had progressed to this stage, Danyaal said: “I’m deeply humbled and kinda surprised to make it to the semi-finals of this prestigious tournament.

“Hopefully, I have what it takes to make it all the way to the end to make my friends and family proud.”

If Danyaal is your winner, then vote for him below so he can make it to the grand final.

Aurora Piccagli

Dominating the votes from round two, Aurora effortlessly flew to the semi-finals. When told that she had made it to the semi-finals, she said: “Honestly, I couldn’t, since it all started as a joke with my friends and the competition was very high. I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, I’m very grateful, this could open new opportunities, might add it to my CV and maybe one day get a job out of it (who knows, might apply at miss Lancashire).”

Aurora didn’t stop there and even told us what she’d do if she gets to the final. She said: “I’ll show how to cook the best pasta recipe (and if you are lucky, could even try it.) I’ll make a little private show where I’ll prove my flexibility, and I might sing a song with my ukulele.” Wow, what a legend!

Then finally, she said: “Vote for me for a brighter future. Let’s make Lancaster great again.”

Archie Haywood

Archie was welcomed to the competition at the very beginning, featuring in round one. He said he was very surprised to find out that he was a semi-finalist. You have to be humble. No one wants fame to get to their heads.

Archie told us why he believes he should make it to the final. He said: “I think I should be in the final because I am currently sporting a very naughty mullet. A haircut which I feel deserves to be represented in the final.”

If he is in the final, he said he’d provide a picture of the mullet. Who doesn’t want to see that?

Emma Hardwick

Emma first appeared in the second heat of the competition. Her striking good lucks and personality has driven her straight to the semi-final. In response to making it this far, she said: “I didn’t expect this with the competitive heat I was in, but thanks for all who voted! I’m honestly surprised and flattered, but let me know if you all want my Specsavers discount.

“I think I should win because then I’ll finally have something to show for my time at uni, and it’ll be a real confidence boost.”

So there you have it. Those are your six sexy semi-finalists. Only three will make it to the grand final, so vote below for who you believe is the sexiest single. Good luck to you all.

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