Which Drag Race UK quote is your Lancaster Uni subject?

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Tonight is the Drag Race UK finale and it’s been a thrilling season. It’s been full of iconic moments, looks and quotes especially. The charisma and attitude of the cast have really made it one to remember. From H&M to veganism and more this season has been chock full of brilliant and iconic quotes so we wondered: which Drag Race UK quotes perfectly sum up Lancaster Uni subjects?

Biology – “The cheek! The nerve, the gall, the audacity and the gumption!”

This quote by Tayce is probably the most iconic of the season. Who wouldn’t take biology if Tayce taught it? Within this quote she manages to lists all the things you need to have to put yourself through a STEM subject. Bilology, congrats.

Politics – “I named myself after Tia Mowry from the iconic Sister Sister, and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan”

Tia went home too soon; she was truly hilarious. This quote is exactly the kind of line a politics student would have if they came up with a drag name. Politics is a wild subject, and Tia was a wild cast member. Tia would make a great politician. Tia for PM.

Philosophy – “Did I finish my degree? Not so much, but it was philosophy. That was basically just thinking. I can do that. Don’t worry about it”

Another Tia quote, she’s just so iconic. This is not implying that philosophy students should quit their degree but Tia described philosophy pretty accurately. To be honest, people that do philosophy do seem to be in a constant state of panic so maybe thinking is more difficult than we initially believed. Don’t overthink it.

Gender and Women’s Studies – “I must say, you all look so sexy tonight, you make me want to… dismantle the patriarchy”

This one is self explanatory but so true, Bimini, so true. It is often forgotten that Gender and Women’s Studies is a postrgaduate subject you can take here. Dismantle the patriarchy though. Quite right, quite right.

Psychology – “Oh! So I’m painting the depression on”

This brilliant quote from Lawrence is again very self explanatory. Don’t worry, she is no longer painting the depression on. Psychology as a subject is confusing. It’s not quite a science but it’s also not quite a humanity. It’s versatile! Just like Lawrence.

English Lit/Creative Writing – “I don’t know what comes out of my mouth. I don’t know where this shit comes from”

The basis of English Literature is to pull stuff out of nowhere as long as you have slight evidence. This is a very layered comparison which is appropriate for English. Just before, Tayce was creating a metaphor about a mulberry bush… for some reason. However she is also self aware of the random nature of what she is saying. What does this say about the author? English students please explain.

Economics- “Trade Minister, me, like this!”

It’s another Tayce quote! Are we surprised? Anyway, trading and economics go hand-in-hand. Tayce would be the worst Minister for Trade, though. She’d only allow baked beans, toast and pot noodles into the country – which is fine for students, but maybe not for everyone else.

Criminology – “Well, Gemma was actually banging on my dressing room door earlier on… I let her out eventually”

Might as well use Bimini’s amazing snatch game here. Criminology students are not trustworthy. A lot of them know how to hide a body way too well. Perhaps they are actually being trained to become criminal masterminds. Maybe that’s why our justice system is so flawed.

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