Vote in the final round of Lancaster’s Hottest Single 2021

The last nominees have arrived…

You’ve read the heats, you’ve voted for the singles, but now is your last chance to push through who you want to see in the semi-finals. Our next set of singletons are the final four. As usual, you will be deciding who will progress, so buckle up and get ready: this heat is sizzling.

As with the previous editions, you’ll get a photo of the nominee and some short but sweet information about them. Don’t be afraid to read the captions more than twice. This is, after all, a very important vote for such a prestigious title.

Emma Charlotte Woods

Our first single in this round is Emma, a third year at Lancaster studying politics. The reasons for her nominations include being the sweetest person, her hair being absolutely breath-taking, having the prettiest eyes, and to top it all off, having beautiful makeup. These are the purest and sweetest reasons ever!

Our humble nominee replied to us, “Oh God, that’s awkward. I’m assuming it was either one of my friends who feels sorry for me being single still or someone who really appreciates a good hair colour switch up now and then. Both are plausible, really.” The ability to switch it up like this: very impressive!

Luca Barbonchielli

Stepping up to bat next, we have Luca, a first year student studying Economics. Once again, the first years have made their splash in this competition! Why was he nominated? Let us tell you what was said: he’s a sexy Italian, has a sexy name,  a cheeky smile, great body, hopeless romantic, treats girls like Queens and looks like a company CEO with his glasses. Now, this was a long, impressive list, which leaves us wondering: How long will he remain single?

Now how do you respond to these comments? Luca says he doesn’t think he can comment on reason number one as it’s subjective. All Italians have a cheeky smile and love romance, he guesses he goes to the gym, and overall, he tries his best. As good as responses go, these definitely encapsulate a loveable singleton!

Ines Soares

Penultimate champion to the podium, please! Ines is a second year student studying economics and politics. Let’s run down the reasons for her nominations; she’s the sexiest bird ever seen, who has stolen many lovers hearts. She is the queen of Portugal and the streets of Lancaster. Unfortunately, this beauty has recently been heartbroken, but she deserves love and appreciation more than anyone. Therefore, she is our perfect candidate! Now that is an ideal profile made for this competition!

Ines was flattered by her nomination and was enthusiastic about taking part in the competition.

Victoria Mittens

Finally, the last nominee, Victoria. She studies financial mathematics and is now in her fourth year, after doing a year in the industry. Her nominations come from “being from the Bahamas, so she’s exotic and has a sexy accent She’s developed a mild alcohol addiction during lockdown (but also an addiction to making stupid excel spreadsheets).” She also knows many useless facts, has interesting Instagram captions, is hilarious and knows she’s hot. A real variety going on here. 

Our nominee wasn’t surprised at the Bahamas comments as it’s her main personality trait but found the accent comment rogue. However, she’s happy with it as she’s always talking. She is a self-declared total catch with a little bit of mental instability and plans to put this on her CV if she wins, but being nominated is the biggest achievement of her uni career so far. We have to agree, being nominated for the competition is a grand gesture.

And that is that. Loyal voters, the power is all yours. Take this time to consider who you’ll pick, make sure you voted in the previous heats, and wait in anticipation for the semi-finals, where we will see your chosen singles battle it out once again, getting one step closer to the famed title!

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