21 memes about the 21st of June that all Lancs students can relate to

21st June, we’re coming for you babyyyy

Ever since Boris announced his roadmap for (finally) coming out of lockdown, people have not stopped talking about how excited they are. His plans stated that we could meet our friends outside and not just through zoom calls by the end of March. We can’t stand them anymore. Most importantly, for students, however, was the announcement that nightclubs and bars could reopen on June 21st.

The reopening of nightclubs and bars is the last stage of the roadmap, along with international travel being allowed and no legal limits for weddings and other large social events.

Although all of this is subject to review, Twitter (as usual) has created some of the most relatable memes to celebrate the news. From having your local takeaway on speed dial to learning how to socialise again, these memes sum up how we are all feeling.

There are 21 of the very best memes about June 21st that all Lancaster students can relate to…

1) I fear being blackout drunk in Sugar with all my mates

2) Sultans is the way to my heart x

3) 21st June will complete me

4) Tracy Beaker spitting facts



5) yeah, haha x

6) I am ready


7) So you mean getting drunk on pitchers from Spoons, right?





8) We’re on first name terms now


9) Crying rn




10) 2 very different people



11) Getting drunk in your living room isn’t the same as getting drunk in Glow


12) Once them doors open, we are heading straight in there


13) Students only thanks, we’ve waited too long






15) Why are you even here??



16) We love to have drunk conversations with our new bestie in the toilets



17) I don’t remember anything from that night



18) After June 21st, it doesn’t count, so we’ll grab a Pizzetta Republic on the way back home



19) It’s just the alcohol talking. We promise


20) All of our PLT and boohoo orders; this is your time to shine



21) Kinda got used to not meeting people. We’ll need help when we go to Fylde bar and ask for a drink x

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