14 WandaVision moments every Lancs students can relate to

Is Lancaster in the Hex?

Being a Lancaster student in a lockdown can feel like being a Westview resident trapped in the Hex. In other words, it can feel like being in a constant routine while isolated in a ghost town where time is blurred. As a Lancaster student, I can safely say I often feel like I live in augmented reality, constantly hoping life will return to normal. Here are all the times WandaVision has been a mood.

1. The morning after the night before







We all know the feeling: slowly rolling out of bed wearing last night’s clothes, one minute before your seminar is about to start. As you lie there with a headache, you’ll probably be regretting having that extra shot, knowing you’ll look an absolute mess on Teams. It’s ok, though… I’m sure your seminar tutor won’t mind. The real dilemma is what the hell we will do when teaching goes back to in-person…

2. The impromptu therapy session







With her cosy pyjamas and a pained smile that is anything but reassuring, Wanda really is the poster girl for a student living in a national lockdown. Replying to everything with “I’m fine” really has become the ultimate cry for help. If only we could all pull off this stressed look like Wanda Maximoff.

3. Chaos in the kitchen







With our ever-changing appetites, random after-midnight cravings and empty fridges, cooking can be a daily problem. If only we could magic our dinner into existence, but even with these powers, Wanda still manages to turn her kitchen into a place of chaos. However, even with a chicken flying in the air, it is nowhere near as chaotic as my cupboards.

4. Freetime at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters









Jimmy Woo silently judging Darcy for becoming obsessed with WandaVision is not only a reflection of my own obsession with the show but also highlights how I casually stalk Lancfessions while my flatmates judge me. What? I’m invested. 

5. Being easily triggered








Every student right now, whenever anyone reminds them that exam season is next term. Stop stressing us out; we know already. If we just put it to the back of our minds, it might not happen. I know if I had Wanda’s telekinesis powers, I would politely convince the uni to drop exams completely.

6. Quicksilver’s memory loss










Quicksilver here is a great depiction of when you’re asked about the night before. Sometimes it’s JUST best not to remember. Or even better, if you do remember, pretend you don’t. That way, you’re not responsible for drinking all the Sours.

7. Vision waking up Darcy












Vision breaking the spell on Darcy could very well be my alarm if it could talk. Sadly, vision isn’t there to wake me up in the morning- a girl can dream, though, and I am dreaming.

8. Couch confusion







If you’re a student and you’re not questioning everything, no matter how small, what are you even doing? Life feels a bit too complex right now. Having a mini-breakdown on the couch is completely normal and honestly expected- if anything, even inevitable.

9. Drinking through meetings








The ultimate tip for student survival: have a drink, and it’ll be ok. I don’t know what’s more boring: a speech from a 50s housewife about a fundraiser or a lengthy lecture. We’d all need a drink or five when forced to listen to the ramblings of Dottie Jones, aka Queen Cul-de-Sac.

10. Monday blues








Every student will agree, Monday will forever be by far the worst day of the week. It is no longer the weekend; you no longer have an excuse not to do work. There’s nothing like going to bed on a Sunday, knowing you’ll wake up and cry. If something bad will happen, like your flat shifting from decade to decade in a matter of seconds, it’ll happen on a Monday.

11. Getting caught red-handed by Quicksilver







It is so embarrassing getting caught red-handed when snooping in my flatmate’s cupboards. What? I needed food. So if you’re going to snoop, do it quietly and maybe not when a superhero who can think and move at superhuman speeds is lurking around.

12. Playing dress up







Me after sprinting out of the room to log on to Amazon Prime when I hear we’re doing flat themed nights. Let’s just say while I’ve been at uni, I have been supporting Jeff Bezos’ lavish lifestyle, but where else am I going to buy the essentials that complete a themed room pub crawl? I’m pretty sure Sainsbury’s don’t sell gladiator costumes.

13. Getting easily distracted









When you realise you should be doing your coursework rather than chit-chatting in the kitchen with your flatmates. You know how it goes, it’ll start with a friendly good morning, and then you’ll be gossiping about flat drama or, even more important, your Sultans order for that night. All students know two o’clock can turn to five o’clock in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful. The same can be applied to the vibranium synthezoid that is Vision.

14. Binging comfort shows







There is nothing better than that feeling when you’ve finally done all your work, and you can sit back and relax. Even if the time is two am, you haven’t even started that pile of washing up. Watching Netflix and ignoring my responsibilities has quickly become my guilty pleasure, and no one can take it away from me.

And there you have it, all the times WandaVision is relatable for students at Lancaster. To see the brilliant performance of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany for yourself, WandaVision is now available to stream on DisneyPlus. You won’t regret it.

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